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Thai Massages



PhoRaya Signature Thai Bodywork (Combination)

Traditional Thai Bodywork

Relaxation Therapy

Deep Tissue

Hot Stone

CBD Bodywork



30 Mins

1 Hour

90 Mins

2 Hours

Normal Price





** Extra  $5 OFF  for every 

     COUPLE Session!

*Cash Deal*






  • Its fine okay to strip down and be under the cover.

  • Remember breathing during the session is essential.

  • Drink a good amount of water after the massage.

  • A warm shower before is always a good idea.

  • Make sure you know which massage type you would like.

  • Be strategic about timing.

  • Speak of something doesn't 'feel right'

  • Once a year will do some good but once a month is better for overall wellness

  • Skip coffee afterwards due caffeine will tense the muscles back up.

  • You may feel sore the next day.

  • Please let the therapist know if your pregnant before the session.

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